Rules and Group Information



This group welcomes everyone. You could be a paid professional or a complete novice with just a phone camera. It doesn’t matter here. The idea of the group is for everyone to enjoy the same passion, Photography. We are an active group and we are now regularly meeting up at some great locations. We encourage people to socialise and play a part in the group. This can be sharing your images, or entering our weekly photographic competition or more should you wish.


The group has a website but we primarily use the Facebook group as our form of communicating.

We are a friendly active bunch and we have various events that are listed on the Facebook page and shared onto the group.


To visit our Facebook group please visit :


A full list of events that we are organising is listed on the

Facebook page :


We also have an indoor meeting which is held on the first Tuesday of each month (STC). This is a great chance for our members to socialise and help each other. If there is something you are struggling with then we will do our best to help you and give you some support.  Every monthly meeting varies so please check the facebook page for updated listings. There will also be themed evenings that will be announced in the group. These will consist of Talks, Tutorials, Studio shooting, Macro evenings etc. 


Start time : 1830 until 2130.


Entry fee £4 PP and includes free Tea/Coffee and biscuits.


Durrington community center

2 Romany Rd, Worthing BN13 3ED


The building has its own carpark. Opposite end of Tesco's car park. It also has great disabled/wheelchair access.


The venue has a capacity of 125 so we have plenty of room to do various activities. 


Please note : If you would like to bring in your laptop or camera please remember it is at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any damages or loss.


Photography Challenge

Each week we host a themed competition. This is a light hearted competition and is primarily to encourage our members to get out with their cameras or to post up pictures from their library.

The subject for the week is announced every Monday and the image with the most likes from the following weeks subject becomes the banner photo for the week.  There may also be a prize for the winner to collect from our indoor meeting depending on club funds. 

There is now a limit to 2 photos per week for the competition. The competition is proving popular and growing all the time. This is why we have had to implement a 2 image rule. 


All advertising must be approved by a member of admin. Any advertising posts without permission will be removed without warning. This is to keep inline with the rest of the rules of the group. 

We do not allow people to share images or advertise their facebook page/walls, instagram or any other social media. 


We class this as advertising and the posts will be removed without warning.


We do however strongly advise and suggest people watermark their images. If images are uploaded with a watermark that is fine an the watermark is completely up to you and your responsibility. You are free to include your facebook page or instagram if it is in the watermark. 

The reason we do not allow advertising is it creates a messy wall. The wall is a busy place and we don't want our members subjected to advertising of posts that link away from the group. There are plenty of other places to advertise.


Sharing Images (more than 1)

We encourage people to share their images. We love seeing what people take and enjoy seeing them.

If you want advice or some cc (constructive criticism) please state when uploading the image.

If posting more than 1 picture please post them together not separately as to avoid flooding the wall. It will group them up and display them better this way. We have also found that any more than a few tend to get ignored, whereas single or a couple of images tend to get more of a response.

If you wish to upload more than 1 or 2 pictures then please create an album and add them all at once. There is a box that allows you to add a description to each picture if needed. This will group the pictures and place them in 1 single post of multi pictures. People can then scroll through them at their own leisure. Please ask if need help with this as we will be happy to help. 

Please upload all photos directly to the wall. Do not share them from your page as this is classed as advertising and the posts will be removed.

Commenting or giving CC (constructive criticism)

Please be polite when commenting. We are a friendly bunch and like this group. We want to keep it that way, so any rude or harsh comments will be removed as the moderators see fit.


If you are going to give CC please make sure that you are competent enough to do so. All constructive criticism should be as it says. I would say that you need to be at an experienced photographer or similiar to be giving out constructive criticism. The idea of constructive criticism is to help anyone trying to learn and improve on what they already know, although photographers who are professionals still have stuff to learn and indeed may require CC from others.


If you have asked for CC we ask that you are not offended by the comments or replies as they may not universally say how brilliant your image is. However, they are there to help you and to give you a chance to improve on what may be wrong.


If you have a problem please contact any of the following admins :

Lee Milner - Owner - Founder



 Tony Bent 
Steve Brown 
Peter Nock

Keith Wells

Sarah Mitchell

Fred Bell

Admin decisions are final. For whatever reason, we are a friendly bunch of folk and intend to keep it that way.


The DO NOT stuff……..

Please do not post anything that is pornographic or generally inappropriate, Politcal or violent.This includes relates to or direction, links etc. This group is open to everyone and people of all ages. Anything of this nature will be swiftly removed and the person responsible banned from the group. 


Please treat people with respect. We welcome people with open arms but we expect to be treated back in the same way, with some kindness and decency. Anyone found mistreating or abusing another member will be removed immediately.


Only post your images. Do not post anything you do not have permission to and claim it as yours. We are all photographers and none of us would like this to happen to them and it won’t be tolerated.

Please see the above and respect the rules. 


The DO stuff……..


We encourage you to share your pictures, talk about things photography related, Participate and most of all have fun :D Come to he meets. Meet others who share the same passion and enjoy photography together :D